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We specialize in providing HR solutions, which fulfill the unique needs of companies and job seekers. We have been gaining experience since 2014, have valuable industry know-how, specialize in servicing industrial areas.


Looking for foreigners for temporary or seasonal work? We will help you to find the relevant candidates. Our recruitment methods help us to select the best potential workers. We fulfill recruitment tasks according to the needs of your business, the number of workers you currently need. We undertake time-consuming HR and payroll services. We provide our clients with a simple, single invoice solution.

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5 steps to success

1. From need to service.

We organize a meeting to learn more about your company, together we determine the demand for employees and choose the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

2. Search for candidates in various ways.

We are looking for employees with certain qualifications who will most effectively perform the tasks.

3. We do all the formalities.

We sign a temporary contract with employees, undertake the entire HR management, payroll processing, conduct training on labor protection, organize medical examinations, and provide work clothes/uniforms.

4. We monitor the progress of cooperation.

Coordinators are in constant contact with the company and employees, if there is such a need, we care about the effective replacement of employees, our goal is to minimize staff turnover.

5. Based on the timesheets, we issue a final invoice.

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We have been gaining experience since 2014, we have valuable industry know-how, we specialize in servicing industrial areas.